Personal Trainer Domain Names For Sale or Lease

How Valuable are Domain Names?

Domain names are internet “real estate.”  And because there is a finite supply of better names, they appreciate in value.  For information on public Domain Name sales you can go to: and click the left side “YTD Sales Charts.”  There you will find the Top 100 public Domain Name sales for the current year.

If you scroll down you can also check previous years’ Top 100 public Domain Name sales back to 2004.

Why have a “PersonalTrainers…” Domain Name?

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    Customers Can FIND you Easier

    Search engine optimization is easier.  And you can name your personal training business your Domain Name.  Let’s say you are a personal trainer in Boston.  Many of your local customers will put in a Google search for: “Personal Trainers Boston.”  If your domain name and website is “” you will be easier to find.  And if you name, or rename, your personal training business “,” every time you take out an advertisement — or a newspaper, magazine, or online news service interviews you — your website company name will be promoted in the Ad or article and will drive more customers to your website and business. And let’s face it, “” is a more prestigious and professional company name than “Tony’s Personal Training.”

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    Sell banner Ads to local businesses

    Because you will be easier to find online, and you have a geographical moniker in your name, local businesses will be more likely to want to buy banner Ads from you. Local restaurants, sporting goods stores, health food stores, running shoe stores, etc. can benefit from having an advertising presence on your website.  And you will have a regular monthly income stream to add to your personal training fees.

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    Start a Blog and Drive More Customers to Your Website

    Start blogging, or add articles you have written for publication, and you will build a following and drive more customers to your website and business.  That in turn will further increase the value of business Ads on your site.

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    Start a Registry of Trainers in your City

    If you are really ambitious, you might start a registry of personal trainers in your city on your website.  Start it out as a free service to attract other trainers.  Then after a few years you can begin to charge a token fee for upgraded and preferential listings.  Remember, any regular monthly income stream helps your business’s bottom line.

How do I BUY or LEASE a “PersonalTrainers…” Domain Name?


BUY A Domain Name

To BUY, just contact us and pay the fee. We use so everything goes smoothly and it’s risk free.

LEASE A Domain Name

To LEASE, just pay the lower monthly fee. You can LEASE to OWN. The term is whatever is agreed upon, but 5-year (60 month) time period is typical. At the end of the lease term you OWN the Domain. If you want to BUY the Domain any time during the lease period, that’s okay too.